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Goldco focuses specifically on IRAs for gold, silver, and other precious metals. They specialize in wealth and asset protection by helping investors rollover conventional individual retirement accounts into a specialized IRA that can hold physical precious metals. Goldco can also buy back your precious metals, or sell them on the open market when it comes time for the investor to take their required minimum disbursement.

About Goldco:

Based in California, Goldco was founded in 2006 by Trevor Gerszt. The focus of Goldco from the very beginning has been to help investors with self-directed IRA accounts that can hold precious metals, with gold being the most popular, followed by silver, platinum, and palladium.

The company has become known for making the process of rolling over a 401k or existing retirement accounts into tax-advantaged accounts that are allowed to hold precious metals. Goldco has an intense focus on customer service, and it shows. They are the highest-rated gold company on the internet. Whether you visit TrustPilot, the Beter Business Bureau, or Google, anywhere you find reviews online will show overwhelmingly positive reviews from clients of their experience with Goldco.

Goldco has been named to Inc.’s 5,000 list of fastest-growing private companies. They received this honor in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2021.

Why You Should Consider Investing with Goldco:

Do you get worried that some of the world’s largest businesses Facebook and Amazon can drop 20-25% overnight? The volatility in the stock market is getting more and more intense, with dramatic swings both higher and lower. It seems that the stock and bond markets have become manic.

If you would like to protect a portion of your retirement savings from this volatility, a precious metals IRA may be a good fit for your needs. Gold and silver also appeal to investors that prefer to have real tangible assets, and not so a piece of paper that gives you partial ownership in a company that may not even exist 10 years down the road.

In general, gold and silver hold their value well, especially over long times frames. Not only are these precious metals in limited supply, you can’t just push a button and magically create trillions more of supply, but both gold and silver have actual real-world uses. This combination of factors means there will always be a steady demand for metals.

While any investment has risks, the gold market has been relatively stable, so if you are looking to minimize your downside, this can be a good option. Also, when gold goes into a bull market, it historically will last about a decade. Can your portfolio benefit from a sustained bull market?

Goldco is a brokerage that provides precious metals IRAs that follow IRS guidelines as published in the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997, which made these types of accounts possible. While Goldco can help you create your account, and buy and sell precious metals, they do not store your precious metals because they are not a custodian. The IRS requires a custodian to administer and report the assets in an IRA. Goldco has relationships with several custodians that they can recommend for you.


-They specialize primarily in precious metals IRAs

-They have been in business for more than 15 years, longer than most of the competition

-They have the most positive reviews of any of their competitors


-Goldco is not a custodian so they cannot store your metals.

-Minimum of $25,000 investment

What is a Safe Haven Asset?

Anyone that remembers the Great Financial Crisis (GFC) of 2008 will remember how common it was for investors who had saved up for decades to experience shock as their 401k and IRAs dropped in value by half. Once this happened, investors had no options. Lessons were learned the hard way.

To protect your wealth against these catastrophic losses you need to have a percentage of your portfolio in safe haven assets. These are assets that retain their value, and sometimes even increase in value, as the rest of the market plummets.

Gold is a safe haven asset because it has always retained some value. There will always be a demand for gold because it is used as money, it is used in industrial applications, and of course, it’s used in jewelry. Gold has never gone to zero, and there is a huge global market for gold, which means you will always be able to get your money out, even if markets are tanking.

Goldco Products and Services:

Goldco offers two primary services which are Gold IRA and Silver IRAs and selling gold bars, and coins. Goldco is a broker, they can assist you with setting up IRAs and help you purchase and sell precious metals, but they are not a storage facility or a custodian of your metals. Goldco has custodians that they trust and can recommend for their clients.

There are various ways to fund an IRA account, one of the most popular ways is to rollover an existing retirement account like a 401k into a precious metals IRA. This can be a somewhat complicated maneuver and Goldco has developed expertise with this transaction to make it as safe and as simple as possible for clients.

Since Goldco’s specialty is IRAs, they focus on selling gold and silver coins that are IRA eligible. Not all gold and silver coins qualify to go into an IRA, and Goldco can help you avoid these mistakes. The IRS requires that gold coins and bars have to be at least 99.5% pure, and silver coins and bars have to be at least 99.9% pure, to be allowed in a precious metals IRA.

Here is just a small sample of the coins that Goldco sells that meet or exceed these requirements are:

Gold IRA Eligible Coins:

American Eagle – Type 1 – Producer: US Mint

American Eagle – Type 2 – Producer: US Mint

American Eagle Proof – Producer: US Mint

Australian Striped Marlin – Producer: Perth Mint

Maple Leaf – Producer: Royal Canadian Mint

American Gold Buffalo – Producer: US Mint

Freedom Coin – Producer: New Zealand Mint

Freedom and Hope – Producer: Royal Dutch Mint

American Bald Eagle – Producer: Perth Mint

Lucky Dragon – Producer: Royal Canadian Mint

Silver IRA Eligible Coins:

Chuck Norris 1 oz. silver coin – Producer: New Zealand Mint

American Eagle – Type 1 – Producer: US Mint

American Eagle – Type 2 – Producer: US Mint

American Eagle Proof – Producer: US Mint

American Bald Eagle – Producer: US Mint

Australian Spotted Eagle Ray – Producer: Perth Mint

Australian Striped Marlin – Producer: Perth Mint

Great Barrier Reef – Producer: Perth Mint

Liberty Coin – Producer: New Zealand Mint

Military Guinea – Producer: East India Company

IRA Rollovers:

A rollover is when an investor moves funds from an existing retirement account like a 401k, into a Traditional IRA, or a Roth IRA. Most investors will choose to do a direct rollover which is when you move funds directly into an IRA.

The other method is an indirect rollover where the investor takes possession of their retirement fund, then places it into an IRA. In general, Goldco does not recommend this method as there is too much that can go wrong, and the investor can end up with a substantial penalty from the IRS.

One of the most common situations that cause an investor to create a rollover is leaving a job in which they have an existing 401k, and they move their savings to an IRA so they can still enjoy the tax benefits of these retirement accounts.

To begin the rollover process, you simply need to instruct your current IRA custodian to cut a check and send it to your new IRA’s custodian. This is the direct method. If you instruct your current custodian to send the check to you, and you cash it, you have 60 days to deposit the funds in the new IRA account. If you don’t, you get excessive penalties from the IRS.

If you are not sure if a direct or indirect is best for you, it’s best to choose the more popular direct rollover. Goldco has representatives that are knowledgeable and can help you understand this process and make the choice that is best for you. They also have Free Information Kit that will help to educate you as well.

How to Start a Gold IRA with Goldco:

The first step you probably want to take is to get Goldco’s Free Information Kit. Next, a Goldco representative will follow up with you via a phone call to assess your needs and make sure that a precious metals IRA is compatible with your investment goals.

As with any account of this nature, you’ll be asked to provide identifiable information like a social security number, your mailing address, etc. If you don’t already have an IRA custodian that is eligible to hold precious metals, Goldco can help you create an account with the custodians that whom they have long-standing relationships.

Once you have an account set up, Goldco will work with you and explain all the different types of precious metal options that are available for investment in your IRA. While the process sounds a bit complicated, Goldco has guided thousands of clients through this process with great success.

Goldco Reviews:

Better Business Bureau (BBB): 4.9/5 from 211 Reviews

“Robert Morlock made the entire transaction seamless and explained every step along the way. Wonderful service and am very happy with this company!” – Janette N.

Google: 4.8/5 stars from 527 Reviews

“Everyone I’ve worked with has been very friendly, as well as very informative and helpful. I was impressed with their continual patience dealing with a person brand new to the thought of purchasing precious metal, and especially with all of my questions. I so appreciate how Rad also made sure to have me share my reasons in wanting to purchase precious metals, as well as addressing my concerns. Finding GoldCo is a blessing!” – Jill

Consumer Affairs: 4.8/5 stars from 575 Reviews

“All of the representatives at GoldCO were very informative, professional, and helped me through the process. I did a roll over IRA and it was easy to do and they were very streamlined. They were not pushy and sent me literature to read prior to deciding what I wanted to do. My experience so far has been very pleasant and I would recommend them for anyone looking into a precious metals IRA.” – Vicki from Utah

TrustPilot: 4.7 stars from 645 Reviews

“I can not express how the way Goldco from the first inquiry to the last made me feel as if I was in good hands. They were instructive and guided me through each step I made and were patient with each question I asked and made sure I understood. I do not believe I would have made the huge step toward securing my finances with out their assistance. Ever so grateful.” – Maggie

TrustLink: 5/5 stars from 253 Reviews

“I had a wonderful experience. The representatives were very helpful and knowledgeable. Excellent customer service and I would refer family and friends.” – Susan L.


Your retirement nest egg is the result of your life’s hard work and diligent savings that must not only sustain you but provide a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your family. Decisions on how you structure your investments, and who you choose to work with to protect your wealth should not be taken lightly.

This is why Goldco is our top recommendation for any investor looking to diversify their portfolio by adding physical precious metals to their retirement accounts. Out of all the companies we have worked with and researched, Goldco is the best due to their customer service and putting their clients’ needs first.

Goldco has the most positive reviews out of any of the competitors in the space for a reason. The trend is clear, governments will continue to recklessly spend and print more money eroding the value of the savings that generations of hard workers have saved for retirement. Protect your future now, by contacting a Free Information Kit from Goldco today.

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